Jason ‘J.P.” Purifie born and raised in Toledo, OH, is a rapper, producer, and publisher known professionally as JP the Unknown, JPX 357, and his producer moniker of Digital Spyda.  J.P. has been on a 20+year journey in the music industry. Despite personal setbacks and tragedies J.P. has come back stronger each time, adapting and changing to be more commercially viable. His unabashed approach and self reliance has allowed him to carve his own path to be original, innovative and a trendsetter in today’s musical landscape.

With a unique rhythmic style, coupled with an organic Midwest funkvibe, the music he makes and produces is as catchy as is easily identifiable. As a drummer, the percussive nature of his music keeps listeners toe tapping while allowing himself or other Emcees to create effortless seamless flows. 

Working with Industry Vets such as BB King and his daughter Shirley King, Art “Thunder” Vaughn & The Purifys,  J.P. learned the ropes of what it takes to be not only a success but a legend. Despite personal setbacks and tragedies J.P. has come back strong and looks to be a fixture on the music scene in the years to come.